Covid 19 Travelling to the UK Christmas 2021

Entering the UK has just become a little more complicated thanks to the new Omicron Variant of Covid 19. From now on even vaccinated travellers will have to take a covid test to enter the UK.

That means that everybody travelling from Spain to the UK must now have a negative PCR test to enable them to travel

Vaccinated travellers must take a PCR or Rapid flow test before leaving Spain and a Day 2 PCR test upon arrival to the UK (The Day 2 Tests must be booked before you travel and the Reference code for your test added to your travel documents – See the government link below for any more information)

Unvaccinated travellers must also do a PCR or Rapid Flow test before they leave Spain.. However they must do a day 2 and day 8 test upon arrival in the UK and quarantine for 10 days. Again these tests must be purchased prior to travel and the reference numbers added to your travel documents


But there’s good news!

15MinuteCovidTest-Spain will deliver Anti-gen rapid flow tests to your door and you can arrange to do you covid test with one of our online doctors at a time that suits you.

Once the test is Negative you simply send us a photo of your test next your passport and we will create your Fit to Fly documents and send them back to you almost straight away.

you can click below to order your tests and book your Covid appointment

You can review the latest UK government guidelines using the below link

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